For this Mail Art call, I chose to divert an ancient post card through anaglyph.

This post card is a reproduction of an actual pornographic post card that circulated in France at the beginning of the XXth century.

The anaglyph is a technic from the XIXth century and inherited from stereoscopy. With this technic, a printed image can be seen in relief because of a separation of the left and right views. With these glasses made of two filters (red and cyan), the spectator can has a three-dimensional view.
The glasses come in the enveloppe and enable to see the pornographic postcard in 3D.

The post card was made in 1840 in Austria and it transformed postal communication then dominated by the letter. The envelope that the letter is sent in makes the content that makes a love or erotic correspondance invisible. Here, the use of a see-through envelope diverts this practice and shows the pornographic post card that it contains.
This envelope also refers to Journal de Mickey, a French comic magazine for kids created in 1934. The magazine came with DIY paper toys. The cutting and folding instructions were printed directly on the support.